[hkim@kisa.or.kr - Fri Sep 29 16:55:51 2006]:


We updated the SEED patch for the current CVS head.
This patch set enables to use SEED block cipher algorithm in OpenSSL.

SEED is a 128-bit symmetric key block cipher that has been developed
by KISA(Korea Information Security Agency) and a group of experts.
SEED is adopted as the ISO/IEC international standard cipher
(ISO/IEC18033-3). SEED was also certified as the IETF standard cipher
(Proposed Standard) for CMS (4010), TLS cipher suites (RFC4162) and
IPsec (RFC4196).
And SEED has been widely used, especially in Korea, for confidential
services such as e-commerce, e-mail, financial service, data storage,
electronic toll collection, VPN, digital right management, etc.

More information are available from

We really hope that SEED algorithm will be added to OpenSSL.
Thank you

Hyun Kim

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