Hello Bruno,

Please could you defail used software.

During the past weekend I have time to setup a test network:
linux box:
- sendmail 8.12.9
- popa3d 0.6.1
- Mozilla 1.7.13 email client

ms windows me (at last i found a PC with operating system that use CRLF as EOL):
- Mozilla 1.7.13 email client
- Outlook Express email client

The s-mime emails are generated on linux box with openssl versions 0.9.6m, 0.9.7d , 0.9.7l, 0.9.8a and 0.9.8d. In case of version >= 0.9.7d mail are generated with and without openssl smime -crlfeol option. As result the test case is from 9 emails.

The client(sender) certificate contain emailAddress!
The pkcs12 file is imported in NSS and MS-CRYPTO keystores
with necessary marks to trust emails.

The emails are created with command:
$ [OPENSSL] smime -sign -text {-crlfeol} \
-inkey ... \
-signer ... \
-from ... \
-to ... \
-subject ... \
and send with:
$ cat [SMIME_FILE] | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t

All three clients can read properly all 9 emails and show correct signature.

In additional a test in other network with sendmail.postfix
(postfix to sendmail compatibility interface), imap email server
and SeaMonkey email client work well.
Note in last test envitonment all software run on platform with LF only as EOL.
Also note that above is valid only with -text option to openssl smime.

What about you environment ?
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