I've attached a small unified diff, fixing a problem:

linux kernel v2.0.35 doesn't support the `poll' system call, so this
file will only compile with the patch applied.
I've enclosed it inside an #ifdef checking for the symbol HAVE_POLL_H,
which `./Configure' should check for and using select() instead.

I've changed the references to the assembly file: ``s/586/686/g'',
which should be save nowadays...

./config no-fips:
installation produces an error, since the generated Makefile tries
to install some fips-container...

./config no-dso shared:
the generated Makefile defines EX_LIBS=-ldl, which isn't needed it
that case, instead -lc must be given, in order for ld to encode it
into the final library stub
(this is a disadvantage of ELF, since for a shared library you could
give numerous libraries via -lxxx, although none of them are needed)

./config shared...:
a shared library build compiles all files using -fPIC, which is
correct for a shared library, but not for a static one, since refer=
ences to global variables are encoded more time-consuming, while -fPIC
is active, which means that for a static build, the package need to be
configured a second time:

library | w/ -fPIC | w/o -fPIC
libcrypto.a | 1538466 b. | 1452632 b.
libssl.a | 258772 b. | 243502 b.

as you can see, the savings are enormous...

THX for listening.

CU Tom.
(Thomas M.Ott)
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