A Couple of weeks ago, I mentioned my web-of-trust
modifications to OpenSSL. Well I've found a spare
moment to put the source code up on the website.


This is a working prototype with
(1) A simple web-of-trust certificate definition ( ./crypto/x_xPGP.h)
(2) functions for verification/signing etc. (
../crypto/xpgp/* )
(3) modifications to ssl to use the new certificate. ( ./ssl/pgp_* +
patches )
(4) basic programs to create/see a xpgp certificate (./apps/xpgp_* )
(make -f Makefile.xpgp)
(5) A web-of-trust authenticator. (
../crypto/xpgp/xPGP_vfy.* )

Its not quite complete or correct... (see the online notes for issues)
but functional. please have a look if you are at all interested.

You can also see it at work inside: retroshare.

At this point, my development plan is:
(a) Re-Design the xPGP ASN.1 Certificate, to make it compatible with
OpenPGP. (any certificate experts?)
(b) Improve the Authenticator.
(c) port this code forward to the openssl0.9.9
(d) break into suitable smaller patches..... to submit.

If anyone wants to help with this development,
or has any tips / hints.

please get in contact.
Dr Bob.

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