Hi. I use OpenSSL in some of my applications and I noticed that sometimes (I
could say less then 2% times I run it) it crashed without apparent reason,
but lately it happened ALWAYS, without any changes on the program, what's
very strange. So I decided to track this bug, and I "almost" found it... My
program crashes when it called SSL_connect(), I tought it were my code but
tried hard to fix it and was completely unsuccessful. So I decided to start
debuging the OpenSSL internals and started placing some hooks...
I discovered where exactly the crash ocurred:

ssl\s3_pkt.c, ssl3_read_n(), line 215: "s->s3->rbuf.offset = off + n;"
The crash occurs because s->s3 is NULL.
It's not NULL when ssl3_read_n() is called. It become NULL when
ssl3_read_n() calls BIO_read(), at line 198. I don't know exactly how
OpenSSL works but I guess BIO_read() should not mess with the SSL structure,
what's very strange too...

More exactly, s->s3 becomes NULL at:
crypto\bio\bio_lib.c, BIO_read(), line 166:

And here is where I couldn't go ahead with my bug track, because I couldn't
discover who is b->method->bread. The only function I found that match this
variable is never called in this process.
But I discovered that when this function is called, SSL_free() is called
too. Twice. (ssl\ssl_lib.c, SSL_free()) And SSL_free() is the one that set
s->s3 to NULL.

I want to continue this bug track, because it's important to me to make
OpenSSL work here again, but I need some help to discover which function is
b->method->bread. I'd love to use the Windows Search but it's "look inside"
resource doesn't look inside of *.c files, and OpenSSL source looks
confusing for me due to its excessive usage of macros.

I tried a lot of different OpenSSL versions and all crashed. Some ones I
compiled myself, and some binaries that I found in the Internet. All

The same program with the same OpenSSL files works fine in other computers,
whats making me crazy...

I'd like to contribute with OpenSSL Community with this aleatory crash
solved, but I just need some help with this b->method->bread().

Thanks in advance for your help!

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