[richard.kuhn@verizonbusiness.com - Fri Oct 6 15:51:45 2006]:

> I followed the instructions step-by-step. I've managed to build previous
> without any problem. I know that I have to do the perl step first
> because I then add the debug options to the makefile output of perl.
> By the way, I'm using this with a Visual C++ 6 application and some of
> the switch settings for getting debug symbols in this environment are
> wrong. If you're interested, I'll find the changes I had to make in
> order to get the symbols loaded such that the IDE could step into the
> OpenSSL library.

That's odd. I just recompiled the 0.9.8 stable branch using VC++ 6 with
no problems.

Can you send me (privately not to the list) the generated ms\ntdll.mak file?
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