Hello Roumen,

On Monday, October 2, 2006 at 23:48:12 +0300, Roumen Petrov wrote:

> Bruno Kozlowski via RT wrote:
>> The resulting mailfile has mixed EOLs: Most lines end in LF, but
>> 3 lines end in CRLF

> I think that this is correct - EOL for emails(headers, empty line,
> body) is CRLF, but at moment I cannot point to RFC.

If you mean SMTP, the relevant RFC specifies what's transmitted
(indeed CRLF), not what's inside local files (depends on the platform).
What typically happens is that you send an LF mailfile from Unix, the
SMTP sending process canonicalizes it and sends CRLF, and on the remote
side the SMTP receiver changes CRLF to whatever is its EOL convention.
On Unix, an LF is written to the file.

Having CRLF on Unix in a local file to be sent via SMTP is calling
for problems: It's not quite unexpected to produce the CRCRLF issue
I described.

With the spurious CRs removed, this issue doesn't happen, and no
other issue appears. So I believe it's really a bug.

Bye! Bruno.
/* Bruno Kozlowski */

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