>> Also, please check to make sure that gcc is properly installed. Other
>> platforms seem to have the same type of problem when the system
>> headers aren't properly fixed up by the installation process.

> SCO provides gcc as part of a package of precompiled GNU tools so I can
> only assume it's correct. It was possible to easily build gcc on
> earlier versions of Openserver but no longer.

I'd strongly recommend not using SCO's version of GCC. I've had
numerous problems with it myself. On SCO OpenServer 5.0.6a (w/o
execution environment update), the latest release that will build
and work is GCC 3.3.1 with binutils 2.14. With 5.0.6a with
the execution environment update, you can use later releases,
but I think 3.3.6 is really as high as you might be able to
go reliably (I don't think the 4.x stuff will work).

Running GCC 3.3.1 and binutils 2.14 I get no errors at all during
a make test, and even FIPS mode works.

On SCO OpenServer 6, you must use SCO's native compiler, but because
of a bug in the compiler, FIPS mode won't work, but otherwise, I
haven't seen any major issues.


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