Is there even an official list outside of the Config program of
supported platforms?

-Kyle H

On 9/29/06, Brad House wrote:
> >> time to it... Personally I'd prefer something truly cross-platform like
> >> CMake. It would actually allow a Windows x64 fips build (which is

> >
> > cmake isn't exactly "native" on the platforms where I compile
> > OpenSSL. Currently OpenSSL builts "out of the box" on all of them
> > without having to install some other software first.

> It's true that it adds a dependency on 'cmake' itself, but at least
> it wouldn't require Perl as it currently does. I've actually got more
> experience with autotools, but cmake seems to be the right choice to me
> since autotools and windows don't mix (at least not with the commercial
> compilers available for windows).
> CMake appears to be BSD licensed so is freely available, and the
> compilation/installation process is pretty straight-forward, so
> from a technical and political standpoint, I don't see any
> major roadblocks there.
> I'm definitely open to other options, I just want to have a solution
> that works on all the OSs we (the company I work for) support, which
> is a pretty extensive list. The only OS we can't get working in
> FIPS mode is Windows x64, and that's because of the build environment,
> though some other platforms like SCO and AIX require patches to get
> working ...
> Here's a list of the OSs we use OpenSSL on ... I'm sure I've left
> some out ...
> AIX4.3.3 (gcc)
> AIX5 32bit & 64bit (gcc)
> HP-UX 11i 64bit (gcc)
> Sparc Solaris 8/9/10 (32bit & 64bit) (gcc)
> SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 (gcc)
> SCO OpenServer 6.0.0 (SCO's C)
> FreeBSD 4 & 5 x86 (gcc)
> FreeBSD 6 x86/x64 (gcc)
> Linux glibc21+ x86 & x64 (gcc)
> Windows x86 (Visual Studio 2005)
> Windows x64 (Visual Studio 2005)
> Anyhow, I'd be willing to get the initial efforts going and test on our
> supported OSs if everyone is in agreement that this is the best route.
> (Also, please note that from what I can tell, there should be no issue
> having the current build system and a CMake build system co-exist for
> an amount of time, until all other platforms are confirmed to be
> working)
> -Brad
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