>> time to it... Personally I'd prefer something truly cross-platform like
>> CMake. It would actually allow a Windows x64 fips build (which is

> cmake isn't exactly "native" on the platforms where I compile
> OpenSSL. Currently OpenSSL builts "out of the box" on all of them
> without having to install some other software first.

It's true that it adds a dependency on 'cmake' itself, but at least
it wouldn't require Perl as it currently does. I've actually got more
experience with autotools, but cmake seems to be the right choice to me
since autotools and windows don't mix (at least not with the commercial
compilers available for windows).

CMake appears to be BSD licensed so is freely available, and the
compilation/installation process is pretty straight-forward, so
from a technical and political standpoint, I don't see any
major roadblocks there.

I'm definitely open to other options, I just want to have a solution
that works on all the OSs we (the company I work for) support, which
is a pretty extensive list. The only OS we can't get working in
FIPS mode is Windows x64, and that's because of the build environment,
though some other platforms like SCO and AIX require patches to get
working ...

Here's a list of the OSs we use OpenSSL on ... I'm sure I've left
some out ...

AIX4.3.3 (gcc)
AIX5 32bit & 64bit (gcc)
HP-UX 11i 64bit (gcc)
Sparc Solaris 8/9/10 (32bit & 64bit) (gcc)
SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 (gcc)
SCO OpenServer 6.0.0 (SCO's C)
FreeBSD 4 & 5 x86 (gcc)
FreeBSD 6 x86/x64 (gcc)
Linux glibc21+ x86 & x64 (gcc)
Windows x86 (Visual Studio 2005)
Windows x64 (Visual Studio 2005)

Anyhow, I'd be willing to get the initial efforts going and test on our
supported OSs if everyone is in agreement that this is the best route.

(Also, please note that from what I can tell, there should be no issue
having the current build system and a CMake build system co-exist for
an amount of time, until all other platforms are confirmed to be

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