I'm quite new to openssl and this mailing list, so, I might be wrong, but=
I think there is a small issue in=20

crypto\ecdsa\ecs_ossl.c (openssl-0.9.8d and earlier versions, say, openss=
l-0.9.8b), function

static ECDSA_SIG *ecdsa_do_sign(const unsigned char *dgst, int dgst_len,=20
const BIGNUM *in_kinv, const BIGNUM *in_r, EC_KEY *eckey)

"do {...} while (BN_is_zero(s))" loop.

If in_kinv and in_r were passed as non-NULL parameters to ecdsa_do_sign()=
and BN_is_zero(s) is true, then the do/while loop will be endless, won't=

I understand that the probability of (BN_is_zero(s) is true) is very smal=
l and usually the in_kinv and in_r parameters are NULL, so they will be g=
enerated again in the next pass of the loop and the loop won't be endless=
.. However, the bug still exists and in the described above conditions can=
reveal itself.

Did I miss something? If so, sorry for taking your time.

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