over the years i always assume that it's just a few step before openssl
reach version 1.0, but now it seems to be very far in the future.
what is the roadmap for openssl?
will it be ever 1.0?
what is the reason behind this 0.x.x version number?
for an old user it's obvious that it's a stable a usable package, but
for anyone else it seems a beta quality software. what's more the
interface always changing between minor version change. wouldn't it be
possible to stabilize the interface and the api, concentrate on bugfix
and create one stable 1.0 version. after then goes further with
enhancement (as most other software used to do so:-). i don't say that's
the right way, but imho the current way is also not 'so good'.
this is just my 2c.
thank you for your help in advance.

ps. imho the answer to this question could be a faq:-)

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