[guest - Wed Aug 16 18:59:46 2006]:
> The "enc" application provides a "-bufsize number" option to control the
> I/O buffer size, but this does not work correctly for use in pipelines
> since stdin and stdout are buffered by default on most OSes.

> The attached patch fixes these issues.

I give up on this bug after getting no definite response on this list in
three months after multiple reposts. Red Hat has accepted the patch and
it's fixed in current Rawhide packages which solves my immediate problem.

Please ask me if you have any questions about the bug or patch, I'm
willing to work with you to get it fixed upstream, but there doesn't
seem to be any point to keep on reposting here. (Thanks to Jean-Marc
Desperrier for reviewing the patch, he was concerned about portability
of setvbuf. That should not be an issue since the code already uses the
function in other places.)

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