Hi Team,
I am working on the CRL validation. I am seeing some issues in
extracting the
- delta crl distribution point and
- reason for revocation from the certifiacte. Which structure members in
the CRL to be used to retrieve the information?

Could you please let me know your thoughts on how to access these two
above mentioned information?
Let me explain you my problem clearly:
1. I got the crl from X509_STORE *ctx.
2. After receiving the crl, I checked the certificate, wheather it is
revoked in crl.
3. I found that, the certificate is revoked(serial number is present) 4.
After that, I would like to find the certificate revocation reason. But
I am not able to extract the information.
5. Since the delta crl is enabled, I need to get the cdp (certificate
distribution point) for delta crl. I am not able to retrieve the
Could any body help me in retrieving the
- Delta CRL distribution point and
- CRL reason for revocation=0D
I am using the following data structues for CRL.
struct X509_crl_st
/* actual signature */
X509_CRL_INFO *crl;
X509_ALGOR *sig_alg;
ASN1_BIT_STRING *signature;
int references;
} X509_CRL ;
typedef struct X509_crl_info_st
ASN1_INTEGER *version;
X509_ALGOR *sig_alg;
X509_NAME *issuer;
ASN1_TIME *lastUpdate;
ASN1_TIME *nextUpdate;
STACK_OF(X509_REVOKED) *revoked; //It should give the revocation
STACK_OF(X509_EXTENSION) /* [0] */ *extensions; //It should give the
cdp for delta crl.
} X509_CRL_INFO;
Appreciate your help on the same.
With best regards,

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