Hi Team,

I am working on the CRL validation stuff. In that process, I need to
extract the cdp(crl distribution point).
I am a bit hazy about extracting the crl distribution point (cdp) from
the certificate.

I am following the below mentioned procedure to extract the cdp. I am
succeeded in getting the basecrl's cdp.Please have a look at the code
mentioned below.=0D

MY DOUBT: How to extract the delta crl's cdp? Can I use the
"NID_delta_crl" in the following API to extract the delta crl location

pnt =3D X509_get_ext_d2i(x, NID_delta_crl, NULL, NULL);
Appreciate your thoughts on the same. THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE.

*********CODE STARTS ******************
//Obtain CDP from the current certificate
X509 *curr_cert =3D NULL;
DIST_POINT *pnt, *pnt1;

pnt =3D X509_get_ext_d2i(x, NID_crl_distribution_points, NULL, NULL);

for (i =3D 0; i < sk_DIST_POINT_num(pnt); i++)
pnt1 =3D sk_DIST_POINT_value(pnt, i);
if(pnt1->distpoint->type =3D=3D 0)
int j=3D0;
printf("In here: DELTA_CRL\n");
gen =3D pnt1->distpoint->name.fullname;

for(j =3D 0; j {
gen1 =3D sk_GENERAL_NAME_value(gen, j);
printf("type is %d\n",gen1->type);

switch (gen1->type)
case GEN_DNS:

case GEN_URI:
//ASN1_IA5STRING *nm =3D gen1->d.ia5;
printf("Here is the DELTA CDP\n");

strcpy(delta_cdp, (char*)gen1->d.ia5->data);

*********CODE ENDS ******************
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