The "enc" application provides a "-bufsize number" option to control the
I/O buffer size, but this does not work correctly for use in pipelines
since stdin and stdout are buffered by default on most OSes. For
example, on my Linux system it calls fread() to request 80 bytes, but
this results in a "read" syscall requesting 4096 bytes to fill the stdin
buffer, which will block and wait if this much data isn't available yet.

A separate issue is that the code imposes a minimum of 80 byte block
sizes for all I/O. Based on the comment this minimum should be used only
when base64 encoding is active and not for binary I/O.

The attached patch fixes these issues.

(I had sent the patch to the devel mailing list for this previously on
May 22 and Jul 27. The only response had been a concern about
availability of the setvbuf function, and since the code already uses
that it should not introduce any portability issues.)

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