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Hi list,

We have a server with openssl0.9.8b (debianized) that shows a repeating log
message saying:

Aug 15 22:29:21 www squid[20079]: fwdNegotiateSSL: Error negotiating SSL
connection on FD 31: error:1408C095:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_FINISHED:digest
check failed (1/0/0)
Aug 15 22:29:21 www squid[20079]: TCP connection to failed

The "digest check failed" comes back a couple of times per day, sometimes a
few of these messages in a row, sometimes there's none empty for a few hours.

The thing is, this is Squid + openssl connecting to the same machine, with
the same library. So:

So one single machine runs:
squid + openssl 0.9.8b --------- openssl 0.9.8b apache2

Now we are fully aware of the sillyness of running OpenSSL on a connection
to - due to a 3rd party application oddity we have to.

We already have (or have had):
different (older) versions of OpenSSL. Same error. Different machines. Same
error. Different Apache2 (same error). The errors first came up after the
migration from Websphere 4 to Websphere 5.

The point is: we just don't know where to look next and we are starting to
think of a bug somewhere, hence this mail to OpenSSL-dev.

- - what is the cause of "digest check failed"?
- - how could that - possibly - happen on one machine?
- - what should we do, what should we test next?

Best regards,

Valentijn Sessink
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