Hi Al,

Yes, your EBCDIC fixes for the tests would be very much appreciated. I am
at exactly the same point with regard to the seq faults and misc. other
failures and your help would really speed things up.

To enable shared libraries you need to edit Configure and alter the
OS390-Unix configure string (and of course don't forget to add the 'shared'
switch to Configure at run time). The key for the config string is given in
a comment near the top of the file:

#config-string $cc : $cflags : $unistd : $thread_cflag : $sys_id : $lflags :
$bn_ops : $cpuid_obj : $bn_obj : $des_obj : $aes_obj : $bf_obj : $md5_obj :
$sha1_obj : $cast_obj : $rc4_obj : $rmd160_obj : $rc5_obj : $dso_scheme :
$shared_target : $shared_cflag : $shared_ldflag : $shared_extension :
$ranlib : $arflags

My OS390-Unix string looks like this (for 0.9.8b):


My guess is you need to define shared_target, shared_cflag, shared_ldflag
and shared_extension to get the shared option to function properly.


Gerry McGuire

Al Martin wrote:
> I have recently build openssl-0.9.8b on z/OS (USS). After running
> 'Configure OS390-unix', and a little tweaking, I got it to build. After
> fixing up some of the tests (EBCDIC conversions were not done in all
> tests, and some tests seg faulted because they used ebcdic2ascii to
> overwrite literal (read-only) storage), I also got those to work.
> I would be happy to supply the fixes I made if it would be appropriate for
> me to do so.
> My project requires that openSSL be in shared libraries, and 'Configure
> OS390-unix' doesn't support that. The USS platform does in fact support
> shared libraries, so I tried to figure out how to twek 'Configure'. I
> couldn't make heads or tails of it.
> Has anybody tried to make shared libraries on z/OS USS? Can anyone help me
> understand how to work with 'Configure'?
> Thank you,
> Al Martin
> jmartin@informatica.com

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