[guest - Tue Jul 11 09:13:28 2006]:

> testmail2.signed-original.eml is one example that doesn't validate

The qcStatements extension in the certificate is

2714:d=8 hl=2 l= 39 cons: SEQUENCE
2716:d=9 hl=2 l= 8 prim: OBJECT :qcStatements
2726:d=9 hl=2 l= 1 prim: BOOLEAN :255
2729:d=9 hl=2 l= 24 prim: OCTET STRING [HEX

However the qcStatements definition per rfc 3039 is

QCStatements ::= SEQUENCE OF QCStatement

QCStatement ::= SEQUENCE {
statementInfo ANY DEFINED BY statementId OPTIONAL}

So it seems to me the certificate is encoded incorrectly.
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