I compiled openssl 0.9.8a in two different directories one without debug
option and another with -g debug mode. My openssl configure command is:

../Configure --openssldir=$(PKG_64BIT_INSTALL_DIR) -fPIC linux-ia64

../Configure --openssldir=$(PKG_64BIT_INSTALL_DIR) -fPIC linux-ia64:gcc -g

Openssl test command:

openssl x509 -inform DER -in key/buffer.der

These are the comments:

1. The openssl command compiled in debug mode (-g) does not crash.

2. The openssl command compiled in non-debug mode (without -g) is giving
segment violation.

3. The crash happens only on ia64 system. All other UNIX system it works

4. The openssl 0.9.7d command compiled in non-debug mode works fine.

5. The openssl crashes with any public certificates. I used 2-3 different
certificates for tests and one certificate is attached with this e-mail. The
sam.c program I used to write the buffer.der file.

I hope you may be able to get to the bottom of this problem. Because it does
not crash in debug mode, it's difficult for me to debug the problem. Feel
free to let me know incase I need to test anything more. I hope we would be
able to get the fix in next openssl release.



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[sam.sharma@gat.com - Thu Mar 23 18:53:13 2006]:

> Hi
> I wrote the public key information as binary data into a file named
> buffer.der. Unfortunately the command as shown also gives the segment
> violation for ssl 0.9.8a version. The same openssl command from 0.9.7d

> fine. Let me know I can do more tests to help find out the fix.
> /home/srbkit/srbpkg/ssl/64.8a/install/bin/openssl x509 -inform DER -in
> buffer.der
> The gdb output looks like below (I will compile ssl in debug mode and send
> you more information if necessary). Also I will try to compare the 0.9.7d
> and 0.9.8a code and see I can get to any where.

Yes please compile with debugging symbols. Its is impossible to see what
line it is crashing on or the function arguments without them.

Can you also mail me the binary data you passed to that command?
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