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aerowolf> On 3/19/06, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
aerowolf> >
aerowolf> >
aerowolf> > >I think we have 2 options:
aerowolf> > >- Completly drop the old des support, including des_old.h
aerowolf> > >- Drop the libdes compatibility, so that it's only compatible
aerowolf> > > with older openssl versions, and people can still use the des_*
aerowolf> > > versions.
aerowolf> > >
aerowolf> >
aerowolf> > How about option 3 - change the default to not include it but
aerowolf> > leave the code still in there, then see how many people
aerowolf> > squawk about old des support "missing" and get told to
aerowolf> > set the flag to include it, then make a decision about
aerowolf> > stripping it out completely, based on that.
aerowolf> My personal opinion is that if there's an external library
aerowolf> which can provide DES services (libdes), that should be used
aerowolf> to help reduce the amount of cruft in the codebase.

Do you know that before we did the API change, crypto/des was libdes?
The trouble was that the variants of libdes that were floating around
were configured differently from the crypto/des variants, which caused
all kinds of clashes when some projects tried to be compatible with
both libdes and libcrypto...


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