Marko Asplund via RT wrote:
> On 2006-03-15, at 21.30, Nils Larsch via RT wrote:
>> According to our records, your request has been resolved. If you
>> have any
>> further questions or concerns, please respond to this message.

> it would be nice if the build system would automatically use OpenSSL
> qsort() on platforms which potentially have this issue.

OpenSSL doesn't have an own implementation of qsort(). Only due to a
coincidence I had a modified version of openssl when I analyzed
your problem (as someone else had a similar problem on another
platform before).

> alternatively this could be added to a list of known issues with a
> description about how to build OpenSSL with OpenSSL qsort().

agree, an entry for this should be added to the PROBLEMS file.

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