I encountered this same error and tried deleting the entire source tree
and configuring for 64bit using ./Configure aix64-cc --prefix=/usr/local.

I still got the same segmentation fault as B via RT did. So I started
trying to find out why. I modified the make file to add the -g debug
option (I'm sure there are better ways to turn on debug). That wasn't
enough to get a meaningful stack traceback I also had to add -qfullpath
-qsymtab -qtbtable -qkeepparm to get the traceback, and all the function

Since the seg fault created a core file, I was able to look at the stack
with dbx and I found the problem -> I <- was having.

..() at 0xf410
fwrite_unlocked(??, ??, ??, ??) at 0x900000000079320
fwrite(??, ??, ??, ??) at 0x9000000000794b8
file_write@AF13_7(0x110105470, 0x1010c9b6, 0x1000000010, 0x0), line 181
in "bss_file.c"
file_write(b = 0x0000001000000010, in = (nil), inl = 1), line 179 in
BIO_write(b = 0x0000000110105470, in = 0x000000001010c9b6, inl = 16),
line 201 in "bio_lib.c"
X509_NAME_print(0x110105470, 0x11010f1f0, 0x1000000010), line 482 in
X509_NAME_print_ex(0x110105470, 0x11010f1f0, 0x1000000010, 0x0), line
512 in "a_strex.c"
X509_REQ_print_ex(0x110105470, 0x110105d90, 0x0, 0x0), line 125 in "t_req.c"
x509_main(0x9, 0xffffffffffff288), line 970 in "x509.c"
do_cmd@AF9_4(0x1100ea950, 0x900000009, 0xffffffffffff240, 0x100000001),
line 402 in "openssl.c"
lock_dbg_cb(mode = 1, type = 9, file =
"^O\377\377\377\377\377\364x^O\377\377\377\377\377\ 364}^O\377\377\377\377\377\364\203^O\377\377\377\3 77\377\364\207^O\377\377\377\377\377\364\221^O\377 \377\377\377\377\364\234^O\377\377\
377\377\377\364\245^O\377\377\377\377\377\364\256^ O\377\377\377\377\377\364\263",
line = 1), line 396 in "openssl.c"
main(Argc = 9, Argv = 0x0ffffffffffff240), line 321 in "openssl.c"

------ from bio_lib.c ------
176 int BIO_write(BIO *b, const void *in, int inl)
177 {
178 int i;
179 long (*cb)();
181 if (b == NULL)
182 return(0);
184 cb=b->callback;
185 if ((b->method == NULL) || (b->method->bwrite == NULL))
186 {
188 return(-2);
189 }
191 if ((cb != NULL) &&
192 ((i=(int)cb(b,BIO_CB_WRITE,in,inl,0L,1L)) <= 0))
193 return(i);
195 if (!b->init)
196 {
198 return(-2);
199 }
201 i=b->method->bwrite(b,in,inl);
203 if (i > 0) b->num_write+=(unsigned long)i;
205 if (cb != NULL)
206 i=(int)cb(b,BIO_CB_WRITE|BIO_CB_RETURN,in,inl,
207 0L,(long)i);
208 return(i);
209 }
------ end from bio_lib.c ------

As the stack traceback shows, the BIO_write function calls the file_write
function with what is supposed to be the buffer to be written as the
second argument. What the traceback also shows is that the argument
'in = (nil)'. Reviewing the code between lines 176 (start) and the
file_write function call (line 201), we can see that nothing should
have set the in argument to nil (or NULL). But the stack traceback
doesn't lie, it is nil. With that in mind, I figured the optimizer was
causing this and removed the -O from the Makefile.

That fixed it! The entire test suite completed. But no optimization?

So I thought of using a #pragma in bio_lib.c. To insure that no other
systems would encounter the pragma I placed a #ifdef OPENSSL_SYSNAME_AIX
around the pragma.

I tried a number of different pragma's and I haven't yet successfully
passed the
"convert a certificate into a certificate request using 'x509'" test.
I am now wondering if there is a buffer overrun or other pointer math
getting messed up somewhere else that is stomping on pointers in the BIO

I've got to get some other work done so this is going to have to wait for
me or someone else to figure out later.

For now deleting the -O (cap o) in the CFLAG of the Makefile after running
../Configure seems to work.

In closing, I should mention I did find some other errors in the make
test and I don't know enough to know if they are related. I included
them below for completeness.

error 10 at 0 depth lookup:certificate has expired
error 10 at 0 depth lookup:certificate has expired
error 40 at 0 depth lookuproxy certificates not allowed, please set
the appropriate flag
error 40 at 0 depth lookuproxy certificates not allowed, please set
the appropriate flag
495854:error:1407E086:SSL routines:SSL2_SET_CERTIFICATE:certificate
verify failed:s2_clnt.c:1066:

There are actually a good number of the last error repeated, but I
didn't want this to get any longer.

Hope all this helps


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