Fr=E9d=E9ric Donnat wrote:
> Hi all,
> I 've already seen some mail about this commit.
> It sounds to me like a typo, but ...
> - Comment is "add missing parentheses"
> - diff is as follow
> - if (!data->state !=3D BIO_CONN_S_OK)
> + if (!(data->state !=3D BIO_CONN_S_OK))
> This is chnaging the beahavior of static long conn_ctrl(BIO *b, int cmd=

, long num, void *ptr) function.
> I think it is a typo (just like some other epople using openssl).
> Nils, could you please confirm me that, or explain me the reason why ch=

anging this?

well "if (!data->state !=3D BIO_CONN_S_OK)" obviously doesn't make
much sense as BIO_CONN_S_OK (=3D=3D 6) is always unequal to 0 or 1,
but looking at the code again I think it really should be
"if (data->state !=3D BIO_CONN_S_OK)" as conn_state() does nothing
if the BIO is already in the BIO_CONN_S_OK state.

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