Hello there,

I am trying to learn how to use OpenSSL in
VC++,....I am having trouble with functions
PEM_read_RSAPrivateKey,PEM_write_RSAPrivateKey etc. could any body let
me know the solution.

Actually some of the solutions that i tried include adding
Openssl_add_all_algorithms(), then setting the VC++ settings to
Multithreaded DLL, running the application in Release settings etc.

The closest i got was with multithreaded settings. I m able
to execute a c++ file converted to DSW with the settings but when i try
that with the MFC workspace the same problem of NTDLL.DLL access
violation occurs. After changin g the settings to Release instead of
Debug some of the functions work such as the key creation and writing
the key to a file using PEM_write_RSAPrivateKey.

Please suggest me some solution or should i go for using some
other opensource cryptographic library