On Sat, Jan 28, 2006, Joe Gluck wrote:

> Thank you for all tour replies but the gettimeofday I already use, but
> it was not what I was asking in the original message.
> What I asked is how can I get the ASN1_integer into a time_t to be
> able to compare it with the current GMT time (which i can get with
> some system functions, on linux gettimeofday)? (See first message in
> thread)

Actually you asked how to convert an ASN1_TIME to time_t. The answer in
general to that is "you can't" because an ASN1_TIME can express a wider range
of dates than a typical 32 bit time_t.

If you want to compare an ASN1_TIME to the current time that's a different
thing entirely. What OpenSSL does is to convert the time_t into an ASN1_TIME
and compares the two ASN1_TIME structures.

There is a function called X509_cmp_time() that does the conversion and
comparison. It can be fed either a pointer to a time_t with the time to
compare against or NULL which uses the current time.

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