On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 03:30:32PM +0100, Stephen Henson via RT wrote:
> Adding the extra parameter to SMIME_read_PKCS7() is problematical in
> terms of compatibility with older versions of OpenSSL. Though a new
> function with the extra flag wouldn't be a problem and them
> SMIME_read_PKCS7() would just call the new function with the 'flags'
> parameter set to zero.
> Is there some reason why SMIME_read_PKCS7 can't automatically work out
> what to do based on the MIME headers?

Actually, multi_split_binary() should be able to handle both binary and
text parts. I removed the extra parameter from SMIME_read_PKCS7() and
modified it to use only the multi_split_binary function. According to
some quick tests, the parser seems to handle both types of parts

The modified patch is as an attachment.

Antti Tapio
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