I have HW security acceleration, which support both encryption and
digest in one "HW operation".
I looked into the engine implementation and I have some questions:

-) The engine can support only encryption or digest in one operation
(please correct me if I'm missing something), Is there any work done
which allow using the engine for both encryption and digest in one "HW
(I understand that it will also require doing some changes to the
applications using the EVP interface, in order for it to exploit this

-) Currently I'm using the OCF cryptodev, in order to use my HW
encryption, since the driver I'm using is in kernel space.
I'm thinking about moving the driver to user space, did anyone port a
driver from kernel space to user space, for the OpenSSL engine? What was
the performance improvement if at all? Any tips, thoughts??

Thanks 4 your help

Ronen ****rit

Marvell Semiconductor Israel Ltd (www.marvell.com)

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