Hi Steve,

I have now tested the snapshot from the 12:th of December.
- OpenSSL DLL with zlib DLL works!
- OpenSSL LIB with zlib DLL works!
- OpenSSL DLL with zlib LIB works!
- OpenSSL LIB with zlib LIB works!

I would consider the problems I reported as solved!

Some comments: When linking statically with zlib the build system links
with zlib1.lib. Both for debug and release. When building zlib the
resulting libs are called zlib.lib and zlibd.lib.

Since the debug version of OpenSSL builds without the /Zi switch I
cannot start e.g. ssltest.exe in the MS free debugger WinDbg and set
breakpoints etc.


Tommy M. Larsson

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I've added some new configure options to OpenSSL 0.9.8 which allow the
use of static zlib libraries and Windows. It should now also work
properly with the Windows "zlib1.dll" library.

Any recent 0.9.8 snapshot should include them.

Let me know of any problems.


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