> I got openssl-0.9.8-stable-SNAP-20050801.tar.gz and found some problems.
> 1. Use /MC instead of /MD and /MDd
> /MD and /MDd are not supported for Windows CE.

For my reference. What's /MC? I can't find it on MSDN... Can you post
output from 'cl /help'?

> 2. Define UNDER_CE as well as _WIN32_WCE.
> Some system headers use UNDER_CE instead of _WIN32_CE.
> 3. Define CPU dependent macros such as _X86_ or _ARM_
> System headers use them.

How is this handled otherwise? I mean does Studio IDE set them up? This
is also for my reference... Is there anything else IDE sets up?

> 4. /Gs0 is not supported by the compiler for SH3 and SH4

I'd remove it altogether. /Gs is set implicitly by /O anyway. Note that
optimization level is suggested to be changed to /O1i. A.
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