> The vision is to reduce WCE-isms to #if
> defined(_WIN32_WCE) && _WIN32_WCE>=*minimally_required* and eventual
> #ifdef PLATFORM [there it's *proven* to be required]. The latter is
> currently broken as I now realize, by means of essentially meaningless
> -DWCEPLATFORM=$wceplatf

In rand_win.c we could read


Well, WCEPLATFORM!=MS_HPC_PRO condition is *never* met... Meaning that
CryptGenRandom was never called on *any* WCE platform, instead of all
but MS_HPC_PRO... Fixed by replacing it with _WIN32_WCE>=210 condition,
which is minimum requirement according to MSDN.

> [which was kind of copied from wcedefs.mak]. It
> should be -D$wceplatf [or why not -DWCE_$wceplatf], right?

I've chosen to settle for -DWCE_PLATFORM_$wceplatf, because that's what
is apparently set by Visual Studio IDE [as some references at MSDN
suggest]. In the above case would result in WCE_PLATFOMR_MS_HPC_PRO
macro being defined. A.
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