I am looking at FIPS RAND implementation in OpenSSL 0.9.7g, and am
wondering when the key should be scheduled.

DES_set_key() is invoked in FIPS_rand_seed(), like this.=20

void FIPS_rand_seed(const void *buf_, FIPS_RAND_SIZE_T num)

This means that DES_set_key() will not happen twice. When
FIPS_rand_seed() is invoked in the second time, init is already 1 and
DES_set_key() will not be invoked again.

fips_randtest tries to set key three times (once in main, twice in
run_test), but only the first one actually schedules the key. The
first key is being used for all the tests.

It seems to me that DES_set_key() should be done in
FIPS_set_prng_key() instead of FIPS_rand_seed(). Am I missing

Thank you,
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