In message <20050729030057.GA8383@trolocsis> on Thu, 28 Jul 2005 20:00:57 -0700, Ryan Phillips said:

ryan-openssl> The specification states (10.1.2) that the data encoding
ryan-openssl> method includes a digestAlgorithmIdentifier and our
ryan-openssl> testing house says that this constant is needed, but
ryan-openssl> RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_type_1() does not appear to do
ryan-openssl> this. So the EB packet (from PKCS 1.5) is actually:

As the name of the function you're looking at indicates, it deals with
*padding*. That's basically the '00 || BT || PS || 00' part. If you
want to see how the complete signature is made, you need to take a
look at higher level functions. RSA_sign() would be a good start.


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