Certs are with different "Signature Algorithm" - david with sha1WithRSAEncryption and other md5WithRSAEncryption.
What about to set in openssl configuration file in ca section "default_md = md5" ?

David Templar wrote:
> Hi,
> I have attached 2 certificates (I have changed the extension to .txt as
> the openssl forum does not accept .cer). The microsoft.txt is exported
> from the browser and the david.txt is created by openssl and also
> exported from the browser (IE).
> The microsoft cert I can install on my motorola phone, but the openssl
> cert can be installed (it is not fully recognized though).
> How do I configure openssl to create a root certificate exactly like the
> microsoft one (except for the key etc...)?
> Thanks.
> David

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