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Hi Doug,
Hi Richard,

> > A "no-engine" directive to Configure is not one of the documented
> > options, but looking at Configure, I think it will just cause
> > OPENSSL_NO_ENGINE to be defined. It doesn't affect which files are
> > compiled.

You were right, it's no longer one of the documented options.
I did use it in previous versions and did not remove it...

No I tried with "no-hw" and after a bit tweaking it did work :-)

Here's the complete patch which I needed for a succesful compilation for mingw32
in MSYS environment (if somebody's interested...)
After the successful "make all" step I also do the following to create DLLs:
echo EXPORTS > libcrypto.def
nm libcrypto.a | grep ' T _' | sed 's,^.* T _,,' >> libcrypto.def
dllwrap -o libcrypto.dll --def libcrypto.def libcrypto.a -lws2_32 -lgdi32

echo EXPORTS > libssl.def
nm libssl.a | grep 'T _' | sed 's,^.* T _,,' >> libssl.def
dllwrap -o libssl.dll --def libssl.def libssl.a libcrypto.dll

with regards,

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diff --minimal --unified=3D5 --expand-tabs --recursive --new-file =
--- openssl-0.9.8/Configure Tue Jul 5 01:24:11 2005=0A=
+++ Sun Jul 10 17:58:41 2005=0A=
@@ -905,11 +905,11 @@=0A=
my $IsMK1MF=3Dscalar grep /^$target$/,@MK1MF_Builds;=0A=
-$IsMK1MF=3D1 if ($target eq "mingw" && $^O ne "cygwin");=0A=
+#$IsMK1MF=3D1 if ($target eq "mingw" && $^O ne "cygwin");=0A=
$exe_ext=3D".exe" if ($target eq "Cygwin" || $target eq "DJGPP" || =
$target eq "mingw");=0A=
$exe_ext=3D".pm" if ($target =3D~ /vos/);=0A=
$openssldir=3D"/usr/local/ssl" if ($openssldir eq "" and $prefix eq "");=0A=
$prefix=3D$openssldir if $prefix eq "";=0A=
diff --minimal --unified=3D5 --expand-tabs --recursive --new-file =
--- openssl-0.9.8/util/ Mon Dec 20 14:44:34 2004=0A=
+++ Sun Jul 10 17:58:53 2005=0A=
@@ -46,11 +46,16 @@=0A=
my $to =3D join('/', @to_path);=0A=
my $file;=0A=
-$symlink_exists=3Deval {symlink("",""); 1};=0A=
+# XXX: MinGW Perl seems to be reporting no error using symlink(),=0A=
+# but it doesn't appear to actually do anything.=0A=
+# $symlink_exists=3Deval {symlink("",""); 1};=0A=
foreach $file (@files) {=0A=
my $err =3D "";=0A=
if ($symlink_exists) {=0A=
unlink "$from/$file";=0A=
symlink("$to/$file", "$from/$file") or $err =3D " [$!]";=0A=
diff --minimal --unified=3D5 --expand-tabs --recursive --new-file =
--- openssl-0.9.8/engines/e_aep.c Fri Jun 17 23:27:28 2005=0A=
+++ Tue Jul 12 13:32:19 2005=0A=
@@ -60,11 +60,13 @@=0A=
#if !defined(OPENSSL_SYS_MSDOS) || defined(__DJGPP__)=0A=
#include =0A=
#include =0A=
#include =0A=
+#if !defined(OPENSSL_SYSNAME_MINGW32)=0A=
typedef int pid_t;=0A=
#include =0A=
#include =0A=
#include =0A=


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