On Tue, 12 Jul 2005, Richard Levitte wrote:

> Doug Kaufman writes:
> > A "no-engine" directive to Configure is not one of the documented
> > options, but looking at Configure, I think it will just cause
> > OPENSSL_NO_ENGINE to be defined. It doesn't affect which files are
> > compiled.

> no-engine shouldn't be used. It doesn't work, and exactly for the reason
> you mention. I'm looking into it.
> > The real question is why you don't have include/openssl/engine.h.

> Because among others, no-engine means "engine" will not be part of the SDIRS
> makefile variable, and thereby means that the crypto/engine directory is
> utterly and completely ignored. At least with the Unixly Makefiles...
> Please do not try to use no-engine for now.

I looked again at Configure to see what I missed. When you use
no-whatever, it adds "whatever" to @skip which causes "whatever" to be
removed from the list of directories, so "make link" never gets run on
"whatever". So with "no-engine", "make links" never gets run on the engine
directory and engine.h isn't linked. Sorry I missed that in the earlier

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