rz1a@mail.ru wrote:
> Hello openssl-dev,
> I need to secure the UDP traffic.
> I've googled a product called "ZeeBeeDee"
> (http://www.winton.org.uk/zebedee/index.html) but it looks kind of
> stalled...
> Is there any chance to use the OpenSSL (current or some future
> version) for securing and tunnelling the UDP traffic?
> What I need actually is to capture some multicasting stream on a
> LAN, protect it and deliver it to a host outside of the corporate
> firewall. Over there I'd like the target machine to not notice
> anything strange about that stream and be able to join the group as
> if it were on the corporate LAN...
> What are the ways to tunnel traffic besides the "stunnel" (which is
> TCP-only) and "zeebeedee"?

See the DTLS support recently added to OpenSSL.

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