Hello openssl-dev,

I need to secure the UDP traffic.
I've googled a product called "ZeeBeeDee"
(http://www.winton.org.uk/zebedee/index.html) but it looks kind of

Is there any chance to use the OpenSSL (current or some future
version) for securing and tunnelling the UDP traffic?

What I need actually is to capture some multicasting stream on a
LAN, protect it and deliver it to a host outside of the corporate
firewall. Over there I'd like the target machine to not notice
anything strange about that stream and be able to join the group as
if it were on the corporate LAN...

What are the ways to tunnel traffic besides the "stunnel" (which is
TCP-only) and "zeebeedee"?

Best regards,
Anthony mailto:rz1a@mail.ru

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