On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> > According to "man des", I should still be able to include ,
> > but that
> > file doesn't seem to exist in this release.

> The reporter was right and I tried to figure out what has gone wrong so
> that the des (and, FWIW, the bf) header files were missing.
> The cause of these files missing is a "cleanup" in the Makefiles of
> crypto/des and crypto/bf. Both directories have a file called "INSTALL"
> in them. The Makefile rule is:
> install:
> @do something in a subshell
> The problem only happens on filesystems which are not case-sensitive but
> only case-preserving, like filesystems on Windows or MacOS.

I can confirm that the des.h and blowfish.h headers are not installed in
either the DJGPP build or in the MINGW build (via
Doug Kaufman
Internet: dkaufman@rahul.net

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