Hi All,

I just checked this against my own FreeBSD 4.8 system and got the exact
same segfault. This was with SNAP-20050704 I'll try FreeBSD 4.11 next.


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>Sent: Monday, July 04, 2005 1:30 AM
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>Subject: [openssl.org #1146] [BUG] Segfault on FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE #0
>I've found a SEGFAULT using FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE #0: Thu Apr 3 10:53:38
>GMT 2003 in bntest.
>Build is configured with
>./Configure -ggdb BSD-x86-elf shared zlib
>make report:
>OpenSSL self-test report:
>OpenSSL version: 0.9.8-beta7-dev
>Last change: Correct naming of the 'chil' and '4758cca' ENGINEs.
>Options: -ggdb enable-shared enable-zlib no-gmp no-krb5 no-mdc2
>no-rc5 no-zlib-dynamic
>OS (uname): FreeBSD ibex.lan.cryptocom.ru 4.8-RELEASE FreeBSD
>4.8-RELEASE #0: Thu Apr 3 10:53:38 GMT 2003
>root@freebsd-stable.sentex.ca:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC i386
>OS (config): i386-pc-freebsd4.8
>Target (default): BSD-x86-elf
>Target: BSD-x86-elf
>Compiler: Using builtin specs.
>gcc version 2.95.4 20020320 [FreeBSD]
>Test output is:
>Starting big number library test, could take a while...
>test BN_add
>test BN_sub
>test BN_lshift1
>test BN_lshift (fixed)
>test BN_lshift
>test BN_rshift1
>test BN_rshift
>test BN_sqr
>Segmentation fault (core dumped)
>*** Error code 139
>Backtrace is:
>(gdb) bt
>#0 0x281330a1 in bn_mul_add_words () from ./libcrypto.so.0.9.8
>#1 0x0806038c in ?? ()
>#2 0x28133009 in bn_sqr_normal (r=0x282966c4, a=0x24, n=37,
> at bn_sqr.c:182
>#3 0x28132c51 in BN_sqr (r=0x805578c, a=0x28066000, ctx=0x28132abc)
> at bn_sqr.c:132
>#4 0x0804b58f in test_sqr (bp=0x80610c0, ctx=0x8061080) at bntest.c:691
>#5 0x08049d14 in main (argc=671421537, argv=0xbfbffb24) at bntest.c:215
>Thank you!
>SY, Dmitry Belyavsky (ICQ UIN 11116575)
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