When testing a certificate for its allowed purposes, I found:

$ for purpose in sslclient sslserver nssslserver smimesign smimeencrypt crlsign any ocsphelper
> do
> echo -n ${purpose}:
> openssl-0.9.8 verify -verbose -CAfile ca_chain.txt -purpose $purpose my.pem
> done

sslclient:my.pem: OK
sslserver:my.pem: OK
nssslserver:my.pem: OK
smimesign:my.pem: OK
smimeencrypt:my.pem: OK
crlsign:my.pem: /C=GB/O=Defer Test/OU=basic/CN=Martin Kraemer/emailAddress=martin@apache.org
error 26 at 0 depth lookup:unsupported certificate purpose
any:my.pem: OK
ocsphelper:my.pem: OK

For the case of the "crlsign" purpose, shouldn't openssl die with
a "non-OK" error, instead of printing an error, but finally "OK"?

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