> So how to build on AMD 64 and Intel EM64T I summarize here:
> 1. perl Configure VC-WIN32
> 2. ms\do_ms
> 3. perl ms/uplink.pl win64a > uptable.asm
> 4. ml64 -c uptable.asm
> 5. modify the mak files as above
> 6. nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak
> I hope it helps others out.

As per today the above unsupported instructions have to be declared
officially invalid. This is because if built according to above, the
resulting .dll will be binary incompatible with one built according to
newly introduced supported procedure:

- perl Configure VC-WIN64A [or VC-WIN64I for Itanium];
- ms\do_win64a [or ms\do_win64i for Itanium];
- nmake -f ms/ntdll.mak;

This applies to upcoming 0.9.8 and most likely future releases. A.
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