R> appro> Jumbo Makfiles update.
> appro>
> appro> - eliminate ambiguities between GNU-ish and SysV-ish make flavors;
> appro> - switch [back] to -e;
> appro> - fold/unify rules;
> appro>
> appro> This is follow-up to the patch introducing common BUILDENV. Idea is
> appro> to collect as much parameters in $(TOP) as possible and "strip" lower
> appro> Makefiles for most variables [and thus makes them more readable].
> Hmm, are you planning on doing this in 0.9.8-stable as well?

Yes, I was going to "nominate" it for 0.9.8 after some further polishing
and cross-testing on a number platforms. A.

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