I'm trying to build openssl-0.9.8-beta6 on my SGI Irix 6.5.19m with MIPSpro
7.4.2m compiler. My configure line is:

../Configure threads shared --prefix=/tmp/openssl-0.9.8 irix-mips3-cc

When the make gets to crypto/bn to add its object files to libcrypto.a, I see
the following:

ar r ../../libcrypto.a bn_add.o bn_div.o bn_exp.o bn_lib.o bn_ctx.o bn_mul.o
bn_mod.o bn_print.o bn_rand.o bn_shift.o bn_word.o bn_blind.o bn_kron.o
bn_sqrt.o bn_gcd.o bn_prime.o bn_err.o bn_sqr.o mips3.o bn_recp.o bn_mont.o
bn_mpi.o bn_exp2.o bn_gf2m.o bn_nist.o bn_depr.o
ar: Error: cannot open mips3.o

This causes the bn_add_words function to not be defined in the shared library,
causing errors during tests.

I tracked this down to the following rule in crypto/bn/Makefile:
mips3.o: asm/mips3.s

According to my make documentation (and imperical tests), this rule does not
invoke the normal command to launch the assembler and create mips3.o because
the dependency has a / in it.

To fix this, I had to track down where BN_ASM was being set. It is set in the
top-level Makefile which is created by Configure (or config). It is setting
the BN_ASM variable to mips3.o, from the variable $bn_obj, which is being
pulled from the configuration line for irix-mips3-cc.

I didn't remember seeing this problem with 0.9.7g, so I checked again and in
0.9.7g's Configure, BN_ASM will be set to asm/mips3.o.

The fix, as I see it, is to revert the BN_ASM assignment code in Configure back
to what it was in 0.9.7g: prefixing the assembler object files with asm/ so
that make will correctly build mips3.o. Once I did that, crypto/bn correctly
built asm/mips3.o and added it to libcrypto.a.

Darin Broady

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