Hi Steve, Richard,

OK, the file is attached. The file modified was from openssl-0.9.8-beta6\apps\smime.c

It is just a simple hack to make it do a double pass over the file to do both operations in the one call - sorry but I used a "goto" :-).

My user likes it much better this way because they have to call "smime ..." (or "openssl smime ...") from their application and the double call (for sign then encrypt) is high overhead. They always do both sign/encrypt and decrypt/verify. All existing functionality is unchanged.

I have tested it for both sign/encrypt and decrypt/verify and it works OK for me.


Simon McMahon.

Simon McMahon

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>>> "Dr. Stephen Henson" 06/23/05 11:05am >>>

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005, Simon McMahon wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> OpenSSL is a busy forum so I just thought I would get some directions before posting to the list(s).
> I have been using OpenSSL's SMIME support and I have added a usability feature for my "user" that I would like to submit for the general distribution.
> Is there a process for this?
> In a nutshell the change is to allow "OpenSSL smime ..." to do sign/encrypt or decrypt/verify in a single call rather than in 2 calls. It's pretty basic stuff but it has high impact on performance where an application is making callouts (lots of them) to openssl.exe from another program.
> I modified 9.7g - file /apps/smime.c is the only one effected (about 20 lines of code).

Well the best way would be to subit this patch to RT then it wont get lost :-)

Its better if additional features patch against the latest development
version, in this case 0.9.9-dev though that's currently identical to

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