> Are there small parts in openssl where I can help? (review,
> documentation, programming)
> I don't found much about things to do while reading the Mailinglist.
> If you are interested in my help, please send answer.
> greetings
> wof

I'm just someone who ports OpenSSL to a platform for others to use, and not
an openssl team member, so this is my personal opinion, not that of my
employer or any group.

I encourage you to work on the documentation. In my experience, there are
vast areas of OpenSSL that would benefit from accurate, up-to-date
documentation. Maybe I missed a doc page somewhere, but I found that even
answering fairly basic questions like "which encryption protocols are
supported" are surprisingly hard to answer without reading source code.

If you want to write code, how about ensuring that the test suite that ships
with the package executes 100% of the source statements (or as close to that
as possible)? Not that C0 code coverage is sufficient, but it is a good
place to start. I'm guessing that we can always use more and better tests.
The test suite is a lifesaver when porting OpenSSL to a new platform, or
when making bug fixes.

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