It's all in the interest of increased processing speed. Tighter models,
such as strict ordering, are inherently slower than reordering models. The
more reordering that can be done the better performance can be. Write
combining buffers are an extreme example where overwriting the same address
in memory can result in only the final value actually being written to the
memory bus (ie. the initial and intermediate writes to the same address
never make it to the bus), however these are usually only used for specific
memory-mapped devices such as video frame buffers.

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Thanks all.

It strikes me that the H/W designers have played a bit "fast and loose" with
the cache consistency issue here - I believe I understand the C/C++
optimisation issues, and these CAN be worked around (IMHO) within the rules
of the standard by using bool in some cases.

However I've notified our dev folks to remove the few cases where we've used
this technique as it is certainly dangerous.


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