[paulfordh@uk.ibm.com - Tue Apr 5 14:49:40 2005]:

> Hi. I've come across an issue where certain PKCS#12 files are

> parsed by PKCS12_parse().
> The problem seems to be when the Signing cert appears twice in the PKCS12
> file (or something - not 100% sure).
> Anyway - looking at crypto/pkcs12/p12_kiss.c, it appears that the

logic in
> parse_bag() will always return the last cert in the file, not necessarily
> the cert which matches the Private Key.

Could you send me either an unimportant PKCS#12 file (and password) that
does this or the output of:

openssl pkcs12 -in file.p12 -out file.pem

You can snip the private key contents from that output: I just want to
know what the bag attributes are and their order.


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