>>Actually, openssl recommends Blowfish (other AES finalist) because
>>its performance by software encryptation (as Linux is) is much better...

> To my knowledge, the OpenSSL Project doesn't recommend any particular
> cipher.

That is correct. I can reassure subscribers of this list that OpenSSL
team does *not* recommend or favors in any other way Blowfish over AES
[or anything else]. If somebody makes such recommendations, it's sole
liability of that party and not of OpenSSL.

As for software performance, one has to compare apples with apples and
not pears, or more specifically compiler-generated code with
compiler-generated one and not with hand-coded assembler in this
context. If compared fairly, software AES surpasses Blowfish [at least
on the platforms I've tested]. As far as x86 platform [such as average
Linux desktop] goes, I'd suggest to grab OpenSSL development snapshot
and measure it for yourself. Our hand-coded AES implementation
outperforms hand-coded Blowfish by 20-30% [varies from one CPU
microarchitecture to another] at 128-bit keylength. A.
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