OpenSSL version 0.9.7f released

OpenSSL - The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS

The OpenSSL project team is pleased to announce the release of
version 0.9.7f of our open source toolkit for SSL/TLS. This new
OpenSSL version is a bugfix release and incorporates changes and
bugfixes to the toolkit (for a complete list see
http://www.openssl.org/source/exp/CHANGES ).

The most significant changes are:

o Several compilation issues fixed.
o Many memory allocation failure checks added.
o Improved comparison of X509 Name type.
o Mandatory basic checks on certificates.
o Performance improvements.

We consider OpenSSL 0.9.7f to be the best version of OpenSSL available
and we strongly recommend that users of older versions upgrade as
soon as possible. OpenSSL 0.9.7f is available for download via HTTP
and FTP from the following master locations (you can find the various
FTP mirrors under http://www.openssl.org/source/mirror.html):

o http://www.openssl.org/source/
o ftp://ftp.openssl.org/source/

The distribution file name is:

o openssl-0.9.7f.tar.gz
MD5 checksum: b2d37d7eb8a5a5040d834105d5ae1a50

The checksums were calculated using the following command:

openssl md5 < openssl-0.9.7f.tar.gz

The OpenSSL Project Team...

Mark J. Cox Ben Laurie Andy Polyakov
Ralf S. Engelschall Richard Levitte Geoff Thorpe
Dr. Stephen Henson Bodo Möller
Lutz Jänicke Ulf Möller
Nils Larsch
Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (GNU/Linux)

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